Sunday, June 11, 2006

Too Much To Do - So Little Time

I have 3 weeks left of school and a million things to get done before then.

1) Report Cards
2) Student Cummulative Folders
3) Room Clean up and Prep for next year. (That could take a month all by itself)
4) Carnival Booth Prep: The 2nd grade is doing a fishing booth at the carnival this year. (augh!)
5) Art Show and Science Expo: Why did I say I would help organize this at school?
6) Testing
7) Packing for my trip. (both of us!!!!)
8) Find passports and tickets for trip!
9) Various meetings, parties and commitments around town.
10) Make sure that I get to the gym

I hate June because it is always hectic and it seems like the month just drags on and on forever and ever. I can't believe that it is only the 11th because it feels like it should be the end of the month already. I am looking forward to boarding my plane on the 3rd of July because I will have to have finished everything that needs to be done by then. I will be able to sit down and (hopefully) relax.

In other news...
I found out that one of my favorite series of books by Janet Evanovich is scheduled to be released on June 20th.

Book 12 is coming soon....

It is the 12th in the series of Stephanie Plum books. Usually, I buy the books on the release date and read the entire book by the end of that day. This year, I am thinking that I should hold off on reading the book so I can have something to read on the plane. It is killing me though to think about someone else reading the book before me. I am already jealous just thinking about it! If you read it, PLEASE don't spill the beans to me!

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cad said...

i cant wait for the book either! I'm so excited! I started reading these when book 10 came out. I read the first 10 in like 3 months. . so when i had to wait for book 11 it was torture!!

Hope ur three weeks go by super fast!