Sunday, June 18, 2006

Meme of Five

Meme of Five
I found this meme a couple of weeks ago over on
Guusje's Blog who found it on Chalkdust’s blog. It looked fun so I am doing it!

5 items in my fridge
1. Paradise Iced Tea (2 Jars full - it is getting hot!)
2. A bag of Mixed Greens for salads.
3. Chipped Beef Gravy: leftover from our waffles and gravy breakfast (It's an East Coast thing - don't knock it until you try it - YUM!Waffles with Chipped Beef Gravy
4. Non-Fat Milk - For my morning coffee
5. Fat- Free Hazelnut Creamer for my morning coffee. Yum!
*Note: I drink coffee with my milk NOT milk with my coffee. (Melissa: Is this a Panamanian thing? That is how my dad drinks it too!)

5 items in my closet
1. A LARGE box of winter clothes
2. Dresses I never wear (Not practical at school)
3. Pants - lots of them. (I usually only wear about 3 pairs of them though)
4. Unironed clothes (Who has the time to iron?)
5. Presents for Sabina that I hide and then forget about when it is time to give them to her!

5 items in my car (For the record... there are WAY more than 5 items in my car -Here are 5 of them!)

1. Spring Water for my tadpoles at school
2. Sabi's Stuff - All over the car - (How does that happen???)
3. Water- I like to travel with lots of liquid - you never know when you will need it.
4. My i-Pod - Don't go anywhere without it
5. My training binders for my new teacher trainings that I do.

5 items in my purse:
(notice: I don't mention $. Why? I never have it!)

1. Wipes for my glasses
2. Ibuprofen
3. First Communion Picture of One of My Students - He just gave it to me - so sweet!
4. Cell Phone (With all kinds of cool ring tones!!!)
5. Camera - I take it everywhere

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Melissa CookingDiva said...

I do not keep much cash these days in my purse, just pure plastic :-) JaJa

Now that I see your Meme I remember that I was tagged sometime ago------ooops, I've got to do it :-)