Friday, June 23, 2006

Non-Fiction vs. Fiction:

I love to read.
Well, really, I only love to read fiction. I enjoy murder/mystery stories, some romances (not many), true crime, historical fiction, trashy smut, (not ashamed to say it!) and other types of fiction novels.

What I don’t do much of is read non-fiction. Since I don’t read much non-fiction, when I do have to read this genre of literature, I find myself quite challenged at staying engaged in the reading and retaining information that I have read. What have I done to remedy this situation? I have steered clear of anything that is not fiction! I have tried to run as far away from possible. Why stretch my brain if I don’t have to, right?

Well, it appears as if I have finally run into a wall. Next month, I am supposed to work at a workshop for teachers. I was sent the book Professional Learning Communities at Work by DuFour and Eaker to read and familiarize myself with prior to the workshop.

Required Reading

It looks like quite an interesting book. Here is a quote from the book that is supposed to summarize it:

“The most promising strategy for sustained,
improvement is developing the ability of school personnel to
function as a
professional learning community.”
-DuFour and

Here is the problem: I have tried picking up this book this week with the best intentions to get through the book one chapter at a time. Guess what? I can’t stay with it. My mind keeps wandering!!!! I have resorted to my devious college ways and have been looking online for reviews of the book. I know… I AM BAD!

You want to know what is even worse? I bought several books (fiction) that I was supposed to wait and read on the plane and I have already read two this week. I just can’t train myself to focus and concentrate on the important stuff.

I know – it is terrible for me, a teacher who knows the value of non-fiction reading, a teacher who stresses a good mix of both genres of literature for children, to be so selective with my own reading. I guess that I will just have to keep at it....ugh!


Oh! By the way - one of the books I read this week was the latest Janet Evanovich book in the Stephanie Plum bounty hunter series, Twelve Sharp.

Book 12 is coming soon....

It was good! There was a lot of good Joe and Ranger action with a kooky twist of Grandma Mazur and Lula in the mix as well. Those of you who know the series know what I am talking about, right CAD?


jennifer said...

book reviews! they are a saving grace.

cad said...

girl i have yet to read 12 sharp, i've been so busy. Definitely reading it this weekend.

I love Evanovich. How do you feel about the Motor Mouth series? Stephanie is still my girl, no matter what! She rocks!

MsAbcMom said...

Read it!!! You will LOVE it! The otehr ones are ok but like you Stephanie its my girl!