Sunday, June 25, 2006

What is Happening in Modesto

Today's forecast is for 110 degrees. I will melt sometime today, I am sure of it!
International Festival:

Our annual, well known International Heritage Festival has been canceled this year due to lack of funding. This event has always taken place in October. It is one of my favorite local events here in town.

It may return in 2007 if $ is found. How sad. More on this story here.
Yesterday's Protest:
Yesterday I was shopping at Safeway and I saw a group of protesters standing on the corner of McHenry and Briggsmore. I saw a lot of American Flags waving in the air and I could read one sign from where I was. The sign said "Future Minuteman." I knew then that it was an anti -immigration protest. I was a bit disgusted. As I left the store, I drove back around the lot so that I could drive by the protesting crowd. When I drove by, I notciced several brown faces and "This is Aztlan" signs. People from both sides of this argument showed up on the same corner! I got a bit worried. Just then, around 5-6 police officers started driving up on motorcycles.


I reached for my camera to get some take some shots but I only could take one picture as I had no room left on my memory stick in the camera and the traffic light turned green! Read the Modesto Bee coverage of this event and see the Bee pictures here.


Pops said...

reached your site after seeing your comment on Rubens blog- will continue to check back- I spent most of my life in the east bay- hayward area to be exact- some time in Gilroy, now in AZ-
hope all is well in northern ca-

Nebur said...

What patriotic member of the Aztlan nation would protest when they should be at home cheering on their Mexica warriors in the battle against Argentina. It is because of these people that Mexico lost 2-1. It's not that I'm opposed to protesting, I'm just saying not during the World Cup.

MsAbcMom said...

Pops: Thanks for the visit. Were you talking about Ruben, my brother or Ruben, Big Brother Uber Gorgeous One?

Yo bro! They probably were from Aztlan via Argentina!