Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vacation Ending and other stuff

Odalys is 10!
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This is it. One more day and my vacation is over. I mean OVER! My school is going back to a traditional schedule next school year so no more July, November and March vacations. I am so bummed.

In other news...

Today we had a blast. We started out at The Mudroom and painted pottery for about 2 hours. From there we went on to a fantastic 50's themed party for one of Sabina's friends. The birthday girl's grandmother made poodle skirts for all of the girls. They were cute! At the party the kids sang 50's songs on the karaoke machine, had a doughnut eating contest, played pin the record on the jukebox, played a hot potato game with a record instead of a potato, hit a jukebox piñata and ate pizza and banana splits. WOW!

When we came home we rounded out the day by watching the Nancy Drew movie.

Tomorrow I guess I will have to go over lesson plans and get back into the mindset of being back at school. I wrote the plans several weeks ago but I need to wrap my head around them again. I am in for a long haul....we work all the way through June!

I guess that this vacation was a good one. I was quite busy throughout the month and I only really whooped it up this last week. That was enough though. We really did have a good month. It is sad to see it come to an end. On the plus side...I lost 13.4 pounds this month. Whoopee!!!


Coco said...

Why the change to a "traditional" school year calendar? I, too, would LOVE to have July, Nov., and March off : )

The birthday party sounded WONDERFUL! Glad to hear that Sabi and you enjoyed it : )

My husband and I just recently saw Bajo la Misma Luna...I highly recommend it!

Back to work...
Mondays, especially after a vacation, is difficult- ANIMO!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo,

Mrs. T said...

Email me or have your mom if she's interested in the class in Spain this summer.

Glad you had a good break- it always goes by too quickly, doesn't it?

Coco said...

did you read today's news about 3rd graders out to attack a teacher? scary!!

que estes bien : )


Anonymous said...

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joe said...
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joe said...
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