Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Speech Today

Wow! What a speech. Obama brought up so many important issues in his speech and handled them wonderfully. If I weren't already pulling for him this speech would have done it for me.


Anj said...

Hey Kelly! I am the worst flat stanley participant ever. and i feel a little embarrased about my rantings on my blog about your candidate. but u have an idea about my passions for things. i completely understand if u don't cruise my blog. several family and friends and I have agreed NOT to talk about the primary anymore since we support different candidates.

hope u & urs are well. right on for ur peace efforts.


Anj said...

Got your message sweetie. OMigosh of course we will always be amigos. It's not like your voting republican. I certainly understand why many people are supporting Barack. My closest sibling Doria, who is like my twin, is a die-hard Obama girl. She has three kids of voting age and all of them support him as well. Lotsa political fun when we all get together (because there are other Obama supporters and a few *gasp* republicans in la familia.

You know how I get though in my rantings. I just see a level of injustice ANYWHERE and I get terribly inflamed. Like you say, may the best man or woman win. @ this point, it looks like it will be Obama. I just have a feeling.

If he does win, the Wright thing may be his downfall. Remember, the Swiftboats took down Kerry. And they took down Max Cleland, a quadruple ampute who served in Vietnam because the republicans were able to make people question his patriotism. Yeah, the man loses both legs and the use of his arms in Vietnam serving and he's NOT patriotic.

Can you imagine what they are going to do with Wright and now the "typical white person" remark?

God help us all.

MsAbcMom said...

So here are my two cents:

Rev. Wright: Honestly, I don't know that I disagree with him at all. I haven't seen all of his sermons and I don't know the man so who am I to judge? Let's just say that I did though. I can tell you that I have stayed at my synagogue through several rabbi's. I haven't agreed with a few of them on some serious political and religious issues but I stayed because I still believed in the person and my Jewish community. I am guessing that Obama and I aren't the only ones in this boat!

As for the "typical white person" comment, that one is hurting me. It doesn't bother me that he said it, just that he said it in public because I know that it will be taken out of context. Lord knows I have said similar statements but I don't hate or think less of white people and I haven't forgotten that some members of my family (including me) are "white people" too.

What else have you got for me Anj?

Anj said...

My dearest Kelly,

I left the catholic church over the pedophilia scandal. When one chooses to remain attached to an unsavory situation,, that means the person is TOLERATING the negative behavior. If the Democratic party wants to try and whitewash what Rev Wright said, that means it tolerates his views. I have already seperated myself to a small degree away from the Democratic party. If indeed their nominee is Barack, I will leave the party the way I did the Catholic church. I won't tolerate the blatant racism this man has attached himself to for over 20 years.

Being a minority with NO white in me, I hate the double standard. I won't stick around for it.

I understand your position. I hope that we can get past this situation unscathed and with Hillary in the White House.

Thanks for reading this sweetie.