Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You Know You Are Getting Old When...

This week I am teaching Intersession. Intersession is basically a summer school type of program that runs while our school is off track this month. During Intersession we don't have aides around to help out with cafeteria and recess duty so I am with the kids every single minute of the day. It really is quite fun.

At recess today, I was watching the kids play. The girls were busy in a game of jump rope having a grand time. I listened carefully to their song. Here are the lyrics:

"Ice cream soda, cherry on the top. Who's your boyfriend I forgot?"

Then they start to recite the alphabet. Whatever letter the student stops at is the first letter of her boyfriend's name.

I had to stop that nonsense right away. I told them that they were in second grade and were too young for boyfriends. I also said something like "who needs a silly boyfriend anyway? Why don't you say something like: 'Ice cream soda, cherry on top. What's your favorite fruit, I forgot?" The girls looked at me for a second and rolled their eyes as they smiled at me. Nonetheless, the girls spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out names for fruit starting out with different letters of the alphabet!

Yeah, yeah, I am an old fogey...I know this and am ok with it!


Anonymous said...

Of course you are right about this, but don't you remember, "Cinderella kissed a fella..." and other rhymes that WE did? What amazes me is that your kids are doing jumprope rhymes at all. Playground chatter has made a big turn to video game talk where I am. Teragram

MsAbcMom said...

Yeah, we did the Cinderella chant! :-)

As for video games, the kids are afraid to mention them around me. I tell them that their brains will turn to mush if they play them!

Shelli said...

good for you!