Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tear Jerker Movies

I just watched The Joy Luck Club for the millionth time. Every time that I watch it I end up in serious tears at the end when June meets her sisters in China. The same hold true for The Color Purple. I start crying when Shug walks into her father's church singing through the end when Celie's kids and sister come home. I am a serious mess when I see those flicks.

What movies make you cry?


jennifer said...

E.T.--The Extraterrestial. :)

La Brown Girl said...

Life is Beautiful--I bawl every single time I watch this movie.

cindylu said...

Beaches. I also cried a lot with the Notebook. I think the last movie to make me cry was Across the Universe.

Chanclita Divina said...

i'm drawing a blank as for recent movies...but nothing made me cry like boyz n the hood.

Mrs. T said...

"Terms of Endearment". Every. Single. Time.

"Lost in Yonkers".
"Steel Magnolias".
"Walk the Line".

But then, I'm a cryer.

Julissa said...

I agree with Mrs T - Steel Magnolias! Sheesh, I can't think of anymore right now. I know there are more too, because I'm a crier! Now I'm going to think about it all day. :-)

john back pain austin said...

It's a Wonderful Life
Fly Away Home
Polar Express
Chariots of Fire
Brian's Song
The Rookie
Antwone Fisher
We Are Marshall