Friday, October 28, 2005

Smashing Pumpkins

Our beautiful pumpkins are history. I came home yesterday to find the pumpkins that we carved and left in front of the house in a different state than we left them. "Jack" appeared to have been smashed. Upon further inestigation it was clear that Jack had not been stepped on - he caved in! Poor Jack rotted away.
Jack - In happier times.


Jack - On his last day with us:

Sad Jack

Our Kitty Pumpkin was in no better shape.

Drooling Kitty

Kitty pumpkin looked like he was drooling because he had lots of liquidy pumpkin juice coming out of his mouth. He even grew moldy hair in his ears. Our other pumpkin, "Loco" looked great on the outside but on the inside he was full of some nasty mold.

The three pumpkins found their way into the green recyling bin. That is the end of our pumpkins for this year.

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