Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I have two more weeks to go until I track off of school. I have TOO much to do. I have to finish up 15 more parent conferences, write up an evaluation of my student teacher, be evaluated by my administrator, prepare for a sub for a two day workshop I will be going to, file report cards and progress reports, do reading assessments on all of my students, organize and follow through with a class fall presentation for parents etc......

It will not be over then. I will then start teaching Intersession. This is a summer school type of class for kids who are performing below grade level. It is a 9 day class. In addition to all of my other "to do's", I have to plan and prep for that. WHY do I always sign up for this craziness??? I must be nuts. Actually, I am a single mom - every little bit helps!

Why don't teachers get paid more? We do a LOT of work. A LOT OF WORK!!!

It has been a long day...can you tell???

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