Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've been robbed

I came in to work this morning and something was not right. I am suffering from some sort of cold so I am walking around in a fog. That being said something was not right in the classroom. I then noticed what it was. My room was a mess. Things were tossed all over the place. The library was filled with books tossed all over the floor. My desk drawers were all open. Cabinets were open and the alarm wire was pulled out of the door. Papers were thrown all over the flooor in all parts of the room.

What was stolen: a laptop, a laptop bag with my jump drive and external floppy drive, a fridge, a printer, a digital camera, a brand new DVD/VCR still in the box that was waiting to be installed, my lesson plan book, teacher editions of class texts, a set of math tests that hadn't been corrected yet, all of my students progress reports. I am most concerned about student information that is lost as well as any personal information of mine that may have been taken.

My students had to put up with a messy room and district personnel and a police officer coming in and out of the room today during their instructional time.

Who does this kind of stuff??? Why???

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