Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This one CRACKED me up!

Today was crazy hair day at school. I put my hair up in two pigtails.


Student: "Ms. V., you know who you look like with your hair like that?"

Me: "No, who"

Student: "You know on Mexican TV, the show where they have that is like a pretend school?"

Me: "What?"

Student: "You know, the one where the ladies have their hair like yours and they wear little, tiny skirts and little, tiny tank tops and they pretend that they are students?"

Me: (flabbergasted!) "Oh, yeah, that show"

Student: "So that is what you look like. Well, except you don't have the little, tiny skirt or the little tiny tank top."

I can't remember the name of that show as I have never watched it but I have seen the ad for that show about a gazillion times. I knew exactly what this little girl was talking about. It was all I could do to not laugh when she told me. Too funny...

btw...What is SHE doing watching that show???


cindylu said...

So you looked like you belong in Rebelde? I guess she could be watching worse.

Julissa said...

I know what show she's talking about. It's called La Escuelita de Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo. The girls have little shirts and wear blue skirts. I too am surprised your student watches that show it's on late at night - midnight. Well where i live anyway.