Saturday, October 14, 2006

Grades Suck!

I am currently in the process of completing report cards for my students. I have to grade them on a 1-5 system that is equivalent to the end of year scoring on the state exam.

1=Far Below Basic
2=Below Basic

Here is the catch...the only two grades that are acceptable, or passing are a 4 or a 5. With NCLB you CAN'T BE AVERAGE! YOU HAVE TO BE ABOVE AVERAGE!!!

I have a BUNCH of kids who are hard working, average students. Their work is what is considered grade level average in the 70-79% range. Now, with this new report card, I have to mark them as not being at grade level. It sucks!

I am NOT looking forward to parent conferences. I can only imagine how the parents will react. Ugh!


Xolo said...

I see that grade inflation starts very early.

I always wondered why average was never really average. I guess because parents never think of their children as average.

In my British school in Mexico. A C was a common grade and it was average. B was for good work. And A's were rare and only given for exceptional work.

Julissa said...

I have yet to see how NCLB works for the student.

TK42ONE said...

Back link:

Thanks for the insight!