Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Tales From the Classroom...

One of my students is on a Daily Report. Daily Reports are for kids who need daily communication with parents due to behavioral challenges. Today, Daily Report student had an exceptionally amazing day. When school was over, she went behind my desk, found my daily report notebook and walked it over to me with a HUGE grin on her face. She knew that she would be getting a good note. This was our conversation:

"Teacher, you forgot to write my note. What are you going to write?"

I said "I don't know. What do YOU think I should write?"

She said "You should say _____ is a cute girl. She is very beautiful and her clothes are pretty too. She was the best kid in the whole of our school today. The end."

I said "What about if I say " ________ behaved wonderfully in class and at recess today. She completed all of her work on time, was respectful of herself and others and was a very good citizen. Good work ______!"

She said "I guess that is ok."

She took her note and walked out. About 30 seconds later she ran back, gave me a hug and said "Ms. V, you are the cutest teacher in the whole school!"

I love days like these!


Julissa said...

Good idea with the Daily Report. However, I'm kind of surprised about the student's response as to what should be written. It's just funny. I don't think her beauty has anything to do with her citizenship. LOL

MsAbcMom said...

It totally cracked me up when she told me to write about her beauty! Not because she is obsessed with her looks but because she tries to be so slick about changing the focus of her challenging issues to other issues. She knows darn well that she is on a daily report to help her correct her behavior. She just wanted to try and take the focus off of it. This girl is good but she will have to work EXTRA hard to pull one over on me!

Julissa said...

LOL - you know I actually thought she was obsessed. I remember saying things when I was small and actually meant it. Hmm, so young and she already knows how to work the sarcasm LOL