Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
What a long day! School was a waste of time today. The kids couldn't focus because they were too excited about Halloween. I was glad when the bell rang.

This evening, I took Sabi to the Mall for a Halloween Dance Party.
My Plum Fairy
We were really looking forward to it. Sadly, it was not at all what we expected. The even was held outside in a small area. It was cold and crowded. The kids ended up eating dinner in the food court and then we headed over to our house to Trick or Treat.

It is dark early now so we started Trick or Treating around 6:00. We went to about 15 houses or so and then called it a night. Sabina had some homework to do so we had to make sure that got done.

The best house we went to was our neighbor's house.
Creepy House
When she decorates for Halloween, she goes ALL OUT!!!
Lots of kids came here
She hasn't decorated in a few years so I was excited to go by and check her out tonight. IT is funny that she did decorate this year because I just wrote about something funny over on Xolo's blog that happened at her house a few years ago when she last decorated.

Here is the story from a few years ago:

I was taking my Sabi and her friend around the block trick or treating. The girls were too scared to stop at my neighbor's house because it was done up in a huge and scary way for Halloween. (music, grave stones, fog, life size witch at the front door) We actually had to cross the street because they didn't want to get too close.

Well, along came 3 or 4 high school boys WAY too old to be trick or treating. They were swearing and being loud and rude. We watched them walk up to the door of the scary looking house. They were talking trash all of the way up to the door about how the decorations weren't scary. Well, they arrived at the front door and started talking about the life size witch. To their surprise, (and mine) the life size witch was our neighbor! She cackled at them and these tough guys screamed so loudly and started to run. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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