Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Weekend

I didn't get to Carnaval in San Francisco! Maybe next year....

Yesterday I hung out with Sabi. We went shopping to spend some gift certificates that we had been hanging on to for a while. The first place we went to was a children's boutique. Sabi has a $25 gift certificate for the store. She barely had enough $ to buy anything there, it was so expensive. The clothing was way to expensive. For example, I saw a cute but simple skirt there for $45. $45 for a 7 year old who will outgrow it by next year? I don't think so. I saw a cuter skirt at Target for $14.99 and I have been waiting for that to go on sale before I get it for her! Anyway, Sabi ended up with a bag of bath junk (beads, body lotion, body spray and a butterfly washcloth) as well as a musical jewelry box.

After the boutique, we headed out to Border's to get some books. Sabi got the first four books sin the My Weird School series and I got the newest Diane Mott Davidson book, Dark Tort. Guess what, we finished all of our books by today. Now we are hungry for more books...
Today, we went to Stockton with my mom to shop. Sabi has worn out yet another pair of tennis shoes so I wanted to look for some new ones. Ladies foot Locker was having a sale so I went in and asked to have Sabi's feet sized. Guess what? She is now officially in women's sizes wearing a size 6 and 1/2 shoe. I almost passed out when I heard that.

We then sauntered over to Old Navy. Now the way shopping has always gone in the past is that Sabina is bored out of her skull with looking for clothes. She just wears whatever I give her and is happy with that. Today, she asked for permission to go to the girls section and look for clothes. I was more than happy to get her out of my hair and I said yes. I just figured that when I was ready, I would go over there, pick out a few items and then we would be ready to go.

That isn't what happened today. I found Sabi in the girls department taking her job seriously. The girl had a mountain of clothes that she wanted to try on. On top of that, she wanted her own dressing room once it was time to try the clothes on. Well, it all went downhill from there. All of the clothes that I liked, she didn't. The things she liked, I didn't. We then got into an argument about bikini bathing suits too. She wanted one and I said "not in this lifetime!"

We ended up agreeing on one orange knit top. It was exhausting. I guess that I knew that this day would come. I just thought that it would come a little bit later down the road and that I would be able to ease into it. I am just thinking that if this is what it is like when she is 7, what will it be like when she is 16?



Paz said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. Have a great week!


Melissa CookingDiva said...

The blogday button looks great in your blog :)

Have a wonderful week!

MsAbcMom said...

You have a good week too!

I need to blog about Blog Day. I will do it this week - I promise!

Anonymous said...

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