Friday, May 12, 2006


Mother's Day Presents!
Today we were working on our Mother's Day bookmarks. As the kids were done with their bookmarks, they came up to me to help me tie the beaded tassels on their bookmarks. During this time I was having small conversations with each child. They wanted to talk to me about the books that their moms read at home. Most of them said that their moms read the Bible also known as "that book about G-d" or the "G-d book" or "the one that G-d wrote, he is the author." One said "Ms. V., she reads anything. If you can read it, she reads it!"
Mother's Day Presents!

One of my conversations was with a little girl who also wanted to tell me about her family. She told me how many siblings she had and that her mom said that after 3 kids she was done and wouldn't have any more kids. I then asked her if she thought she would like to have kids when she is older. She looked at me with a kind of puzzled look and said "Ms. V., I have to go to college first. I can't think about that yet!"

She is one smart cookie!Teacher's Day Present!


GuusjeM said...

Love the bookmarks - what a great idea for a Mother's Day present!

paz said...

LOL! She IS one smart cookie!

Wonderful! All those moms who read.


Anonymous said...

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