Monday, May 15, 2006

Modesto Certified Farmer's Market

Melissa, the Cooking Diva and Elena from El Amor por la Cocina have organized an online tour of Farmer's Markets around the world. Here is my submission.

Gorgeous Produce

Modesto Certified Famer's Market:
Modesto has a SUPERB Farmer's Market. (It is even online!) Unfortunately it is not open year round. It open in May and closes the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The market is open on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Fava Beans

It is located between the public library and a local church. The market takes up the entire road
(1 block) in between the two buildings.


It is It has a little bit of everything that you could want from fruits, vegetables, pastries, breads, eggs, flowers, cheese, kettle corn, olive oil, honey, coffee bar and more!

Fresh Eggs

Living in the Central Valley of California we are very fortunate to have so many farm fresh products.

In addition to the food that can be purchased at the market, you can also enjoy a variety of music each week. On Saturdays, local bands come to play at the market. On some weekends our local politicians are also available to consult and speak with at the market.


The coolest thing though is the cooking display. On Saturdays, a local chef will come and prepare a dish or two in front of the market audience using items that can be purchased at the market. How cool is that???

In my household we rarely have the chance to get to the Market on Thursdays due to the fact that we are working.

All types of potatoes

Saturdays though always start off early at the Market. Sabina, my mom and I all jump into the car and head down to enjoy our Saturday routine.

Sabina's first stop is always the French Bakery, Le Croissant. Last year, her favorite Saturday morning delicacies were churros. This year, her tastes have changed a bit and she is into the gooey cherry filled pastries. (I have t0 make sure to keep baby wipes on hand!) After Sabina has purchased her pastry, she really doesn't care where else we go. She is happy to follow us around (slowly) with her tasty treat!

My mom and I attack the Farmer's Market in a different fashion. Our first stop is usually the Word of Mouth Bakery stand.


My mom likes the gorgonzola and onion topped ciabatta bread andf I like the sciciatta (sp?) bread. After that, we walk, talk and shop. Sometimes it takes us a LONG time to go down the street because we run into many friends. It is not uncommon for us to run into someone each year that we haven't seen in a long time. It is fun to reminisce and catch up in the market setting.

We have been going to the market for many years now. Many of the vendors have become like family to us. There are vendors there who remember Sabina when she was born. Each year when the Market opens back up in May, they are eager to see her and catch up with all that she has been doing since last year. Last Saturday we went for the first time this year.


The lady from Oakdale Cheese noticed right away that Sabi had cut her hair. She then went on to ask her about all that had happened since they last talked.

There is one vendor in particular, The Apple Lady, who we have come to adore at the market. The Apple Lady doesn't show up at the market until late August when her Fuji and Granny Smith apples are ready. Each week when we see her she has a special child size apple waiting for Sabina. She first polishes it up with her apron and then gives it to her with a smile. We have shared Sabi's accomplishments with The Apple Lady and she always shares her photos of her grandkids with us.

I love our Market. I think that it is one of the best Markets that I have ever been to. What are the Markets like where you live?


Why don't you blog about your Market and enter the Farmer's Market Worldwide Parade?


Melissa CookingDiva said...

Fantastic, I felt I was almost there! Thank you for sharing your Farmer's Market adventures with us.

Un abrazo,


For me, the Farmer's Market is kind of a temple, a religious experience, or at least spiritual. My week days are spent working, driving to and from work, preparing for work or thinking about work. Week ends are filled with catching up. Often this means going out in the same crowded roads or crowded stores.

The Farmer's Market is an island in time and space. It is a feast of sensory delights, the beautiful colors, variety of textures, the music and gentle conversations, and the gustatory pleasures in store. Here, if you can walk or bike, you do. Here, you are happy to see other shoppers, you wait your turn politely, you are not in a hurry, you are helpful.

The Market is a moment away from the driven, frantic, artificial culture in which we live - a place with authentic foods and authentic social interaction. And very cheap, as good therapy goes!

paz said...

oh! I would love to shop at your Farmer's Market. It looks great. The produce looks awesome. I wouldn't mind stopping at the French Bakery first, either. ;-)

Great photo shots!


Anonymous said...

There are too many pleasures in the farmers' market experience to mention, but one of my favorites is that I can buy produce that doesn't come with a sticker attached. Our Pomona market is the best in my area, and some of the vendor proceeds go to help the homeless and women's shelters in town. Davis has a magnificent market.

MommyProf said...

I love farmer's markets. In Central State, where we live, local growers have a limited repertoire due to a short growing season, so the market is kind of a bust. But in Nice State, where we spend the summers, it is THE place to go for super fresh sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes.

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Anonymous said...

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