Sunday, May 07, 2006

Vocabulary Lesson and Visits From the Tooth Fairy

Vocabulary Lesson:
Today we went to our synagogue to help at our annual ethnic food brunch fundraiser. My mom and I pooled our money together and bought 50 raffle tickets. Before we went home, I found out that we won several items in the raffle. I won some kind of lip enhancer that makes your lips look fuller (like I really need that!), a teddy bear, a Gymboree gift certificate and I won a US Mint Proof Set.

United States Mint Prrof Set

As we were driving home, Sabina was marveling at all of the prizes. She said "Mom, can I try one of your mints?" At first I didn't understand what she meant. Then it came to me - the US Mint Proof Set! I tried really hard not too laugh. Then I went ahead and explained to her the other definition of "mint." HA!!!

Tooth Fairy:
Yesterday, I wrote about Sabi losing a tooth on Friday night. Today, she lost another tooth.

More Windows!

It really didn't come out naturally though. Sabina had been working on it pretty hard after she got her treat from the Tooth Fairy this morning.

Bake Shop:

Today, my post at the fundraiser was at the Bake Shop. It is such a hard job because I have to be around amazingly tempting and fattening food for 4 hours! This year though, I was good. I didn't buy anything. I decided instead to take pictures of the food. I will leave you with some pictures of the bake shop goodies.

RUGELACH (My Favorite)




Apple Strudel:

Apple Strudel




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