Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A GREAT conference

Yesterday a parent came in to talk to me after school. He is actually a guardian (uncle) for my student from Oaxaca. It was hands down the best conference I have ever had with a guardian/parent.

The uncle came in and asked me excellent questions about the progress of his niece as well as suggestions for how he and his wife could help her out at home. He apologized many times and told me that he didn't have a good education and he wanted to make sure that his niece had the best possible opportunities in life.

I was so impressed by his questions and his commitment to his niece. She will certainly go far with someone as dedicated as her uncle to help her along the way.

I felt so wonderful for this little girl after our meeting. (very hopeful) I don't usually get to end the day on quite so great of a moment. That meeting made the rest of my afternoon and evening. I wish I (and my students) could have more of those days.


Julissa said...

I remember you had discussed this student in a previous post and my heart went out to her. I'm so happy that her uncle made a point to attend the conference. God willing she will go far in her education with the support of her aunt and uncle.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

i am guessing this is the same little girl you mentioned a while back.

good to know that there is much love and concern about her future. great job KV! keep churning out the future for us!

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