Thursday, April 05, 2007

First Week Back at School

I tracked back on for the last trimester on Monday. Monday was a minimum day since it was a track on day and Wednesday was a minimum day because all Wednesday are minimum days for prep time. It was a very sweet set up 2 regular days and 2 minimum days. Why then did this week seem like it was 14 days long????

Here are a few reasons:

1) I got a new student on Monday. He is a sweet kid and he is working at grade level. This week has been busy though trying to figure out his academic placement as well as work out his bus schedule and figure out custody issues.

2) Monday night was the first night of Passover. After school my mom and I had to rush home to prepare the meal before my brothers and my grandmother arrived at 6:30. It was a race against the clock but we did it. Thank goodness that my mom cooked the brisket the night before. I was also happy to sit for a while during the Seder just to have a chance to relax!

3) A student who left in December FINALLY returned on Monday. THANK GOODNESS that I didn't delete her grades file! I found out some interesting information when we walked around the track this week during PE time. I am not sure why they stayed in Mexico for so long but I do know that her mom couldn't come back with them because "si viene con nosotros en la troca la van a meter en la carcel!" (if she came with us in our truck they would put her in jail!) Ay! Pobrecita.

4) One of my students had a rotten day on Tuesday. I talked to his mom about it and she said
"yeah well we are moving." I asked when that would be and she said that it they were moving on Friday. (this Friday!) I didn't ask why but I think that there is/was a problem with his parents. I was busy prepping his things for him to go and then the next day, when I called to tell mom that his day was MUCH better, she said "oh yeah, we aren't moving anymore. We worked things out. That is probably why his day was better." Poor guy!

5) Tuesday night we had to race home from school to make it to our community Seder at the synagogue. We were running very late but we ended up making it just in time. The Seder was great, the food was good, Sabi found the first Afikomen BUT the Seder was LONG!!! We got home very late.

6) We found out that our vice principal is moving to another school. He has only been with us for a year and we really like him! :-(

7) The Superintendent of my school district showed up in my room today. I signed up for a Rotary Club reader to read to my class. Guess who came??? I was a little stressed out but the kids were excellent and enjoyed the visit.

I am looking forward to this three day weekend.

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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Wow! The superintendent huh? I would have been a little nervous. And your poor student who's Mom was left behind.

I won't take up your entire blog ranting about THAT situation.

I would be a WRECK if I couldn't have my Mom close to me. I'm a 39 yr old man & I STILL need my Mom!