Saturday, April 07, 2007


Yesterday was a LONG day. We started out at 2 am by taking my mom to the airport. She is on her Spring Break and headed for Panamá! We arrived back home at 5:30 am and slept for about 2 hours. We then got ready and headed out the door, back to the Bay Area to make a trip to IKEA. WOW! I love that store. We were there for about 2-3 hours. I bought WAY too much stuff. We headed back home around 1:30 or so. It took us about 3 and a half hours to come back though due to VERY HEAVY traffic. It was nuts!

We were home at about 4:00 and we crashed for about 2 hours and then we started washing linens and working on our bedrooms. I told Sabi that if we can clean our rooms and fold all of the clothes we might consider painting our rooms this weekend. Let's see what will become of these plans...


Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Hi KV! Sounds like you have had a very busy weekend! I checked out your Mom's blog. I wish I could get my Mom to blog, but she prefers to dialogue in person. I MISS Ikea! When I lived in San Francisco, I would to to the one in Emeryville and hang out. Do they still have live music in the front foyer? Ah, the good ol' days of swedish meatballs and inexpensive, functional closet accessories. I have been pulling down wallpaper in the house I bought to start painting. WHAT a friggin nightmare!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Can you believe the activity now? You and Fade were my only readers...NOW there's this great web of bloggers.

Have a great rest of the weekend. Take a break and have an ice cream!

Your Texas Pal

MsAbcMom said...

Hey Anj,
I didn't know that you lived here! Yes, IKEA still has the live music - how wonderful, huh?

Hooray for your blog and your new readers. Just remember who you faithful first readers were! :-)

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Of course KV! That is why you and Fade are the first two blogs I list. You two have been great supporters of my posts.

Keep up the great work there!


Suvii said...

Kelley, did you know there's a new IKEA in West Sacramento now?? Closer to you than going to the Bay, but then again, going to the one in Emeryville is a good excuse to head to the Bay Area. When I lived in Oakland, I LIVED at the IKEA in Emeryville.