Sunday, August 06, 2006

Who's Clues? BLUES CLUES!

The TV show Blues Clues is 10 years old. Tonight a special 10 year celebration program is airing. The big hoopla on tonight's show is that Blue gets a baby brother.

Sabi and I have been pretty excited about this show. Although Sabi hasn't watched Blue's Clues in over 3 years or so this show holds a lot of good memories for her. To be honest, it holds a lot for me too. Blues Clues is such a fun show. The characters are sweet and the message "You can do anything, that you want to do" is such a positive one for kids in today's fast paced and competitive world.

Back in the Blues Clues watching days, Sabi and I would cuddle up and watch the show together. Sabina would talk back to Steve (pre-Joe days) and get so excited when she would figure out the clues for the mystery of the day. She really believed that she was interacting with the characters on tv. I loved watching her excitement and was so appreciative of the kind hearted host Steve. He was perfect for that show.

Sabina stopped watching Blues Clues around the time that Steve left the show and went off to college. (Good message there) She was getting older and really didn't feel the connection to it anymore. I kind of missed it but it didn't feel right to watch it without Sabi.

Tonight, as I sit here typing, we are watching the 10th anniversary show. It is as if time hasn't even passed. Sabi is thrilled to pieces to see her favorite tv land friends and she is singing all of the songs and saying all of the show's phrases. It is so sweet. I am enjoying this moment in time. I can get my little baby back for a short while! I am also hoping that Steve will make a guest appearance!

If you missed the show, it isn't too late. Grab your "Handy-Dandy Notebook" curl up in your "thinking chair" and watch the Behind the Clues show here. Make sure to look for Steve, Blues first friend. He looks a bit different now that he has aged!

Last but not least, don't forget this great Blues Clues message:
"You can do anything that you want to do!"


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