Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If the Shoe Fits...

I have been having foot problems. BAD foot problems. The problems started back in May. I had lots of pain on the side of my feet and the heel. I finally went to a podiatrist a few weeks ago. The prognosis: I walk on my feet wrong! I walk on the outside of my feet therefore putting all of the pressure on that area. The Dr. recommended that I go out and buy shoes that would help me to both correct the way I walk and also to give me some much needed relief. Specifically, I need to find shoes that have a bigger toe box, an elevated heel, support in the ankle and a straight line on both side of the shoe. That is a tall order!

I was not happy to hear this because special shoes in my mind equals too much $$$$$!!! I bit the bullet though and visited a local store called Shoes That Fit. The sales clerk had me jump up on a computerized device that scanned my feet and then he was able to recommend some appropriate shoes for me. I was looking for a sandal. I needed something that is appropriate to wear at school, would be comfortable and cute! There were two shoes that I really liked.


One was made by
Finn Comfort and the other by Kumfs. I settled for the Kumfs because they cost $150 while the Finns were $220. OUCH!

I went back to the store the next week because I needed good workout shoes. After trying on several differnt shoes I chose a pair of Brooks.

Brooks -

They set me back $139! Double OUCH! When I got home, I checked the shoes out on Zappos and they were priced at $123.95 with free shipping! Darn!

This past weekend, I went back to the store with my mom. She also is "foot challenged!" She was looking for a pair of tennis shoes as well and she found a pair of New Balance 1010's that she really liked. While we were there, my mom asked to try on a couople of pairs of MBT's. I told her about these shoes not too long ago after a friend of mine invested in them.

MBT- Kisumu   $238.95!

If you haven't seen MBT's, you have to check them out. They are funky looking but they provide AMAZING comfort. My mom liked the sandals so much that she ended up getting a pair of these shoes as well. These I also checked out on Zappos.
For this shoe, there was no price difference. :-(

I have been quite upset about the fact that I have had to resort to wearing such expensive shoes. Who has that kind of money to spend on shoes? I will need several pairs of shoes too. I can't just have one shoe - this is going to be an expensive investment. I have to say though that now, after 2 weeks with the right fitting shoe, I have little or no foot pain. It is really miraculous. WOW! What a change.

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