Saturday, August 26, 2006

Goodbye and Good Luck Wherever You Are

Gussje's latest post inspired this one!
Remember "Ana?" (If not check this post out and this one)

Sabina and I were waiting eagerly for the first day of school so that we could see her. I wanted to check in with her and prep her for the third grade a bit. Sabi just wanted to play with her friend.

She's gone.

I didn't see her on the first day of school. I called her house - no answer. I didn't see her on the second day of school. I checked in with the office to see if they knew anything - they didn't. On the third day of school, one of my students looked at one of the pictures on the wall and he told me that Ana was his cousin! I asked him where she was. He told me tht she had moved away with her family. Afterschool, I confirmed this story with his mother. The good thing is that she moved not too far away from us. The bad thing is that I won't see her on a daily basis. I will miss that immensely.

Ana was such an amazing student. She worked so hard to learn English this past year. I just received her State test scores and was impressed by her once again. At the time that she took the test she had been in the US for 1 year exactly. She scored in the average range. That is so impressive since that means that she was able to handle an English written grade level exam.

I am going to write to Ana in her new school. I think I will call her too. It would probably be good for me to wait a few weeks though for her to settle in her new school. I am not sure if I can hold out that long. I will try though...


Julissa said...

You're impressed with Ana and I'm impressed with you. You're such a good role model. Keep it up!!


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