Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Today's Social Studies lesson was on groups and leaders. We discussed the many different groups that we belong to (girls, boys, second graders, children, adults, Americans, etc) We then discussed leaders - who they are and what their job entails. Here is the dialogue that followed the definition of leader:

Me: "We know that the people in our room are part of a group. Our group is Ms. V.'s class, right?"

Kids: "Right! "

Me: "So, the leader of this group is______________?"

Kids: "YOU!!! Ms.V!"

Me: "Very good! Now, We know that all the people at our school belong to a larger group. Who is the leader of our school?"

Kids: "Mr. ________ "(our principal)

Me: "Excellent, you are so smart! Now, All of the people that live here in Turlock are part of an even bigger group. We are citizens of the town of Turlock. Who is the leader of Turlock?"

Kids: GOD!

Me: Who?

Kids: GOD!

Me: "Well, actually, the leader of a town or city is the mayor. Say MAYOR with me."

Kids: "Mayor"

Me: "Ok - Let's try another one. An even larger group than our town is our state, the state of California. Who is the leader of our state?"

Kids: GOD!

Me: "Actually, the leader of our state is a governor. His name is Arnold Schwarzennegger."

Kids: "Who???" (They tried to say his name but couldn't. I knew not to push it after this incident last year)

Me: "An even larger group that we belong to is our country. We are all citizens of the United States of America. Who is the leader of the U.S.A.?"

Kids responded almost all at the same time:

Kid 1: "GOD!"

Kid 2: "Oh,Oh, Oh! Ms.V., I know! George Washington!!!"

Kid 3: "Not George Washington, George Bush!"

Kid 4: "Not George Bush... George W. Bush"

Me: (overwhelmed) Yes, George W. Bush. Let's close our books and go outside for recess.

Kids: Yay!

The End!


Julissa said...

LOL, God. :) How cute.


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