Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The First Day of School Run Down

6:00 AM
Arrived at gym. Got a great workout. As I was in the shower I was feeling very proud of myself for being so dedicated to my workouts this week. I was also happily ahead of schedule and I was trying to determine which Starbucks I would stop at to reward myself for my good gym behavior. When I arrived at my locker I realized that I was missing a very important "support" undergarment. (Ladies y'all know what I am talking about!) I had to rush home and talk care of that situation. This put me a little bit behind in the schedule and I had to cancel the Starbucks trip.

Arrived at school. School starts at 8:10. I was surprised to see no students or parents outside of my room. I went in got ready for the day, ate my Cheerios and checked e-mail.

Stepped outside of my room to go check in to the office. There were TONS of parents and kids swarming around outside of the 6 portables where my room is located. It was kind of overwhelming. I smiled and snuck out of the crowd. When I returned from my errands I was greeted by a fellow teacher with a Starbucks Frappucino. BLESS HER! I then opened the door and the kids filed in.

Bell rang.

Tardy bell rang. ALL OF MY KID ON THE ROSTER WERE PRESENT!!! This was amazing. I have never ever had the entire class present on the first day, much less at the right time! To top it off, 18 of the 20 were in uniforms. They all looked so pretty/handsome and adorable! We got started with the day, all of us grinning from ear to ear.

The honeymoon stage was over! I was overwhelmed with how immature my kids seemed. It was then that I realized that I was going to be in for a lot of work with these kids. They were going to need a LOT of training. I stopped what we were doing and asked the kids how old they were. Lo and behold.... half of the kids were 6 years old. NO WONDER!!! I have a super young class. This will definitely be a challenge.

Lunch - yay, a break!

Math time. I scheduled a very simple math placement test. Last year, most of my kids aced this test and I had to move on to the placement test at the next level up. This year - not the same. It took me 30 minutes to get through the test with the kids. WOW! WE barely had time to clean up and then it was time to go as it was a minimum day.

Kids went home. The kids are nice but they are low. What a job I have ahead of me...


Julissa said...

Ok, I still don't know how you get up so early. LOL Great to read about your first day. How soon do you see a change in their demeanor from the honeymoon stage?

Paz said...

Oh, my! School has started already?

Sounds like you had a good day! ;-)


jennifer said...

congrats on starting another school year! so early! my first day teaching isn't until september 28th. God bless the quarter system. :)

MsAbcMom said...

I am cursed with the early bird gene. The Honeymoon stage usually lasts about 1-2 weeks. It is a heavenly time of well behaved kids. This time, it lasted about 5 minutes!

We are a year round school so we get 3 months off but they are divided throughout the year. I am off in July, November and March.

Welcome back to Cali. I hope that you aren't burning up too badly! Thanks for the well wishes. I hope to see you someday in Modesto when you visit your bro!

Anonymous said...

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