Thursday, December 29, 2005

Work - UGH!

I went in to my classroom today to get a little bit of clean up done before the kids come back. Why did I do this? As usual, instead of focusing on the task that I set out to do - I thought I would put up a bulletin board that I have been meaning to get done for a while. What a chore it is to put up that paper! Getting it even while trying not to wrinkle it is a nightmare. It doesn't help that it is a HUGE space that I have been working on. Non-teachers have NO idea of how much work goes into classroom prep.

In the process of putting this bulletin board up I have managed to make even more of a mess than I started out with! I will have to come back - I am too tired to finish this stuff up!

Thank goodness for my CD player and New Edition CD - they keep me going....


Melissa CookingDiva said...

Kelly, you are invited to join us for a very neat event that we have organized: New Year´s Dinner Recipe & Photo Swap.
Please visit my blog for more details!
Happy new year!

GuusjeM said...

I hate background paper too. Have you ever considered using cloth? It doesn't fade and doesn't wrinkle or fall down and envelope you in paper. You can cheap lenghts at thrift stores.
And Happy New Year! I planned to go in too... but the best laid plans...

MsAbcMom said...

I do use fabric sometimes. I should go back to that - it doesn't fight back!

We have the luxury of having the fadeless paper available for our use at my school. That stuff is expensive! However, it is just as feisty as the fadeable paper.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation Guusjem!