Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Missing Grandfather

It has been several years now since my grandfather has passed. I miss him from time to time. I especially miss him during election time. My grandfather was very passionate about politics. Grandfather would have really loved Obama. He probably would have started out as and Edwards or Clinton supporter but would have put everything behind Obama when the time came. He would have been inspired but Obama and infuriated and disgusted by Palin. We would have had many interesting and indepth discussions regarding both parties, the candidates and local initiatives.

Last nigh,t in between my non stop viewing of the election night coverage, I made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up something for school. I passed my the ice cream and happened to see Peppermint ice cream, one of my grandfather's guilty pleasures. I picked one up and took it home. I scooped out two bowls of ice cream and called Sabi over. I introduced her to Peppermint ice cream. I also told her how much her great grandfather liked it and how much he enjoyed election night and politics. We sat in front of MSNBC, ate peppermint ice cream, and watched history happen in front of our eyes. What a night.

My grandfather is not physically here but will always be here in spirit. He would be so proud of us as a country.

I miss you GF!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tribute to him. He really did pass on his passion for politics. Just look at us! His light and contrariness still shine. A proud day it is for Charles Baker.

Bibiana Sandoval said...

this gives me chills, i never meet my grandfather and at times wish i could have what my children have.