Monday, November 17, 2008


I have 4 low readers. I have been working with them individually and they also get some pull out help. 3 of the kids are really invested in making progress. Today, I started my monthly running records to see what level they are reading at independently. The three that have really been working hard made growth. Yay!

One of the students, "D", had a major breakthrough today. Today, he became a reader! While he was reading to me he stopped and looked up at me and said "Ms.V., I am reading!" I smiled at him, complimented him and encouraged him to continue. Shortly after the testing period we had library time. D, now energized about his new found skill, grabbed two Dr.Seuss books. He started to read Green Eggs and Ham. He was late to the line to check out his books because he was so engaged in reading. In fact, he wouldn't release the book to the librarian when he checked it out. He held it open so she could scan the bar code and he could continue reading. On the way back to class, he didn't look up once. I heard the entire book. When we got back to class he said, "Ms. V., this book is EASY!"

I totally love these moments. They make the rest of the nonsense worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

This is what teaching is about!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

I am, no exageration, crying over your post. That is so beautiful.

Mrs. T said...

SOOOO sweet! Brought a grin to my lips and a tear to my eye! What a dear. (you, too, Teacher!)