Thursday, April 17, 2008

Please Parents...Talk With Your Kids!

Last week my aunt gave me a book on puberty in young girls to read with Sabi. I hadn't taken the time to sit down with her yet and read through it. This morning, Sabi discovered the book and asked me about it. I told her that she could go ahead and read it if she wanted to. She grabbed it up and was reading in intently on the way to school. We had a short discussion on what she read this morning. She was kind of embarrassed about the book was clearly happy to have the book to answer some questions. I think it made it easier to ask me questions too since she could use a quote from the book to talk about. We will continue to work through the book.

I am so happy to be able to comfortably discuss the topic of puberty with Sabi. I was worried that she would be to shy to talk about it but she is really quite comfortable with me. I hope that we can always be so open with this and other topics.

* * * * *

On my way to lunch today, I told my student teacher the above story and she too agreed with me about how nice it is to have open communication. She then went on to say that if parents don't have these conversations, there will be many confused kids not to mention the risks of teenage pregnancy etc.

Not less than 5 minutes later we ran into a former student of mine. She is now about 14 or 15 years old. I didn't have to ask her why she wasn't in school. It was painfully clear...6 and 1/2 months clear. She is pregnant and has dropped out of school and will most likely not return.



cindylu said...

I had a weird vision of you and Sabi as Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. Heh.

MsAbcMom said...

Ha! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the book has been a vehicle for discussion. You and Sabi have such a great open relationship! Teragram

Coco said...

It is so painfully sad to see such young girls pregnant...And yes, I question. Why? What can we do to prevent this? Can we prevent it?

Have a good school week...

Abrazos y Bendiciones

i'm going to "borrow" your Reader Appreciation ; )
it's a great idea!!

Mrs. T said...

I really want to be open as well. My older daughter (she's 10) kind of put the kabosh on that when she clamped her hands over her ears and implored me to NOT use the word "puberty" in her presence. We can still be open, though, right?

MsAbcMom said...

A few years ago my daughter asked me about where babies came from. I told her. She was quiet for a minute and then said "Do you HAVE to tell me everything? That is just GROSS!"