Monday, September 18, 2006

Why Oprah Gets on my Nerves

I have never understood the appeal of Oprah Winfrey. She has always rubbed me the wrong way. Ok - the one thing I like about Oprah is her portrayal of Sofia in The Color Purple. THAT's IT! Everything else about the woman gets on my nerves!

Here are some of my reasons:

1) Format:
Way back in the beginning, I didn't like her show because it was too weepy. Someone was always crying. I liked Donahue better.

2) Dieting:
What is up with the craziness about her back and forth weight loss? I mean, who wouldn't be able to lose weight when they have a personal chef, a personal trainer, no kids and a husband to look after and flexible work hours? Come on! If she REALLY wanted to try to impress me, she could lose the weight on a single mom's salary with a single mom's busy schedule and resources. Now that's a story!

3) Gayle!:
Can you believe that she showcases her best friend all the time like everyone wants to hear about her personal life? Where are the "issues?"

4) Flaunting Her Celebrity Status:
Remember her big Legends bash? The woman had a party and invited most of Hollywood and then films it for her show to show how wonderful she is. Ugh! I heard a rumor that Whoopi Goldberg was not invited to this event. I don't know if this is true but it certainly puts Whoopi up a few notches in my book!

5) Political Endorsement:
I was disgusted when she invited Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzennegger on her show when he was running for governor of CA. She of course did not invite all candidates, just that louse. Thanks Oprah!

6) Book Club:
I hate seeing the Oprah's Book Club stamp on books - like they are the only good books out there in the world. For you teachers out there, it reminds me of A.R. books. I hate labeling books to show if they are A.R. or not because the kids won't read them if they don't have that label on them because they must not be good and they get no points for them. That dumb Oprah stamp gives me the same feeling.

7)Today's Show:
Gayle and Oprah go on a road trip. I turned on the tv this afternoon to keep me company as I was preparing dinner. Apparently Oprah and her best girl Gayle were taking a road trip like "regular" folks. I caught them as they were pulling into Las Vegas. They walked into the Lobby of the hotel like regular people do. ( I think this was the point of the show - to do what normal people do) Of course, they aren't normal people and they had tons of people trying to paw over them. They were totally lost in the lobby because they didn't have a clue as to how to check in at a hotel. Oprah explained that she has "people" meet her at the door and whisk her away. Oprah and Gayle finally found the check in desk and had to wait 20 minutes (gasp!) for the whole check in procedure. Poor little Oprah! Finally these exhausted souls were escorted to their room which I have to say was not your run of the mill "regular folks" hotel room. At this point I was too disgusted to keep the tv on. Who knows what ended up happening on the rest of the show. I was too irritated once again with this woman's arrogance.

So you must be thinking, for someone who doesn't like Oprah, I sure know a lot about her. Really, I don't watch the show. I turn on the tv from time to time, watch a few minutes and then shut it off. It is enough time though for me to learn all of this info.

I need to spend less time in front of that tv. I REALLY need to remember to click away from her show. She brings out the worst in me!


cindylu said...

Someone drank some haterade... I kid. You have plenty of great reasons to be annoyed. She just doesn't seem that relevant to m.e

About the book club stuff, I HATE seeing the sticker too! I saw it on Cien Años de Soledad and I felt bad for liking the book because Oprah featured it on her show. It made me feel like those music snobs who no longer like a band because they start to become popular.


I agree about Cien años. Felt the same way when Oprah "sponsored" East of Eden, another all time favorite. But, I guess whatever gets people reading is a good thing.

miricaro said...

Kelly, you failed to mention her absurd magazine in which we have to believe how beautiful she is every cover of every issue. Plus (Bonus!!) Oprah's thoughts, hopes dreams, opinions and favorites.
P.S. I'm forced to read it at the gym sometimes. It's either that or some golf magazine. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't choose the golf magazine instead.

Julissa said...

Hmm, I can take small doses of Oprah. However, I heard of her visit to Las Vegas and how she felt "turned away" I think she fails to realize that Las Vegas Casinos RARELY allow cameras. And if they do it would have to be known in advance. Something that the Oprah show did not do.