Saturday, September 23, 2006

What is wrong with this picture?

The group of kids that I have this year is SO different than any other group I have ever had.

Here is the breakdown:

10 girls
10 boys
17 English Learners
14 of those E/L.'s are in the 1st or 2nd stage of English Acquisition (Beginners and Early Intermediates)

13 of them are still SIX YEARS OLD!

9 of them suck their thumbs! I am NOT joking!

I could go on and on with my list but the last item there, the thumb sucking is just killing me. I can't believe it.

The kids are all so trusting of me and they take me so literally. Yesterday, while getting ready to tell them a big surprise, I said "Ok, hold on to your seats now." ALL of the kids grabbed their chairs to hold on to their seats! I had to explain that it was a figure of speech. I then went on to tell them the surprise. About 5 minute later, I glanced over at a little girl and had to say "Let go of your chair _____." You don't really have to hold on to it.

How am I ever going to get these kids even close to being prepared for our state test?



La Brown Girl said...

I know it's a terrible predicament to be in, but that hold on to your seats story just cracks me up.

Anyway, have faith in yourself, you're an awesome teacher. They'll be ready.

Julissa said...

Thumb suckers? Oh my! I concur with LBG - you're an awesome teacher.

cad said...

oh you can do it!! we all have faith in you! :)

But that hold on to your seats was hilarious!

MsAbcMom said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I am going to need all of the well wishes I can get!