Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Resurrection Plant

The teacher next door to me at school shared a very cool plant with me and my class for our plant unit.

Resurrection Plant

The plant is called a Resurrection Plant.

Resurrection Plant -Dry

When it is dry, it looks like a dead, dried up plant.

Resurrection Plant- Dry

When placed in water, it slowly opens up and it quite pretty.

I placed the plant in a bowl and passed it around to show the kids and let them touch it. I then asked them to chart whether or not they thought it was alive or not.

Resurrection Plant - Wet

Then we put it in water and it opened up. It was a slow process but we could actually see it opening in front of our eyes. So cool.

Resurrection Plant - Wet

After it had opened all of the way, we touched it again, and then wrote about the characteristics of this plant when it is dry and when it is wet.

We just gave the plant back to the teacher next door. I need to start looking for one of these because they are SO cool!

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paz said...

That IS very cool! Gotta look for one, too!