Saturday, April 29, 2006

MySpace Rewards

I created a MySpace account a few months ago just to check it out. I really don't use it too much to network with people. I feel like I am a little bit too old for that crowd. That being said, my MySpace has account has ended up being a very valuable thing to have.

In the past several months, I have either found or been found by old high school and college friends. It has been fun reconnecting with old acquaintances. Today though I received the best MySpace treasure ever. A former student of mine, from my first years of teaching e-mailed me. What a surprise!

My first few years of teaching were at a non public school for S.E.D. children. This former student of mine is one that I will never forget because she was both a character and a challenge. For confidentiality reasons, I don't really want to write up the details of my interactions with her but it is fair to say that I had many ups and downs with this little one. Be that as it was, I always loved coming to school each and every day because I loved her energy, her outlook on life and her strong willed spirit. Of all the students I have taught thus far, I felt as if my bond with her was the strongest. We really connected.

I left that school after several years and went on to teach in public school. From time to time, over the years, I have run into this girl's mother around town and inquired about her. Each time, her mother has ended our conversations a bit teary eyed and thanked me for everything I did with her daughter.

Well, today, the tables were turned. Today, I received two lovely e-mails from this beautiful, young lady. (20 years old!!!!!!!!!) She told me a bit about herself, thanked me, inquired about me and made me extremely proud to be a teacher. I am the one who cried today.

I guess that MySpace does have some good things to offer!!!


Ruben said...

I'm tempted to create an account with MYSpace, but I also feel way too old for that crowd.

MsAbcMom said...

Ruben - you should do it! Finding people frm the past has been totally worth it.

Susan said...

What a nice story, Kelly! I think so often of some of my teachers, and although they're waaaaay too old to have MySpace accounts, I should write them to let them know how much I appreciated their teaching.

MsAbcMom said...

If you can contact them, do it! It was so special to me to hear from this student. My 89 year old grandmother is still having former students getting in touch with her to reminisce about being in her kindergarten class!

Dree said...

I'm on myspace. I joined to keep track of my brother's band's shows, and I wound up finding (and being found by) SOOOO many people from my past. It's amazing to see how many people use that website!

GuusjeM said...

What a great present!

cindylu said...

Aw. You should send this to all those alarmist reporters in the mainstream media who say MySpace is only about predators trying to take advantage of kids. See, it can be good for something (though I know there are privacy and safety concerns... and a whole lot of UGLY pages).

MsAbcMom said...

I have grown to be quite ok with MySpace. At first I was so shocked though. Many pages are just simply porn! I couldn't believe it. I am sticking with MySpace for the time being - you never know which other student will find me next!