Monday, April 03, 2006

Back to School

Today I went back on track. Even though I looked forward to going back, it was hard to get up early and get back into the routine. I like to ease into my mornings and not have too much commotion going on until I have my coffee and read the paper.

Today was an especially hard morning. I got up late to start with. Sabina was very excited because this is her first day of State standardized testing. She was THRILLED!!! She rushed to the shower in a mad dash to have the morning go by quickly so she could get to school and TEST!
Throughout her morning routine, she talked my ear off asking me all kinds of questions about what the test would be like. This was just way too much overload for me since I was still waking up. Finally she left me alone for a few minutes so I could get ready.
When I went in to check on her in the bathroom, I found Sabina fiddling with a a scarf. She couldn't figure out if she wanted to put it in her hair, around her neck or use it as a belt. The funny thing is that she has never tried any of these options in the past. Why she decided that today she was going to make a fashion statement, I don't know! Finally, she decided that it would be best to use the scarf as a belt, use another matching scarf around her neck and then use 4 skinny little headbands all at one time in her hair. I asked her why she needed 4 headbands and she looked at me like I was so fashion challenged and said "Mom, because it matches the four colors on my belt scarf and I have 4 stripes on my jacket!" It was just too funny. I wish I had been more alert and awake and would have taken a picture of my little Pippi Longstocking! As it was, we were running late, I had to get gas and we were short on time. I am sure that she will have some more "fashion moments" like this one though. I will be ready next time!

Once I got to school, all went well. The kids were exceptionally wonderful today and worked very hard. I told them to be ready because we will be going in fast forward mode to get ready for our testing weeks in May. They were up to the challenge today. Hooray for going back to school!



Thank goodness I didn't have to deal with the fashion purist in you until you were almost old enough to work and buy your own clothing!

jennifer said...

she sounds so cute!
and so excited about testing!

testing in texas is a huge scandal. all tied up to the no child left behind act.

Paz said...

Sabina is so adorable. I'm so impressed that she's excited to go to school for testing. ;-) I don't remember ever being excited about any of my tests. LOL! Sounds like she's quite the fashion maven. Good for her!

Also good to read that back to school for you went smoothly.


MsAbcMom said...

KMJ: I knwo that I was crazy fashion wise in college. Too bad that I don't care enough now to be even a little bit fashion trendy. I think I look good if the clothes are just simply clean. I look especially good if the colors match and they are ironed!

Jennifer: Testing sucks here in CA too. We are so busy teaching to the test and doing year long tst prep that the kids hardly have the chance to really experience true learning - just how to take a test. I have to give the test to my second graders next month and am dreading it. I am looking forward to the month and a half that we will have left of school after testing. That is when we get to have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

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