Monday, September 12, 2005

Yeah For Monday Nights

(5:30 - 6:30) Monday Mornings: I hate them. This is why:
1) I am not eager to start the week out and I am always tired.
2) My daughter is even less eager to start the week out. This makes for a very grumpy early morning. I have to literally pull her or roll her out of bed. Not FUN!
3) My students are not happy to be back at school. Everyone is pretty comatose until recess time. One student actually fell asleep on me this morning during a spelling test!

Monday Afternoons:
Much better. The afternoon flies by. We regain our energy, wake up and are all back to our normal selves. The school day usually ends on a much better note than it started.

Monday Nights: I pick my daughter up at 5:00 and have to make a mad dash home, cook her dinner, make sure she practices violin with grandma, check homework and rush right out again to take her to gymnastics class.
7:05 pm Gymnastics: I LOVE THIS TIME MOST OF ALL! I so enjoy just sitting for an entire hour and watching my daughter and the other kids having a great time with their gymnastics activities. It is my 1 hour all to myself. I always try to bring something to occupy my time but I usually never do anything else but think about how nice it is not to have any pressures or worries for that small time in the day. Yeah for Monday nights!


BUBBE said...

It's wonderful to have an occasional island in time. Bubbe

Nebur said...

You tell that little girl of yours that if she doesn't get out of bed, her tio will come over and then there will really be problems.