Sunday, September 25, 2005

What To Do?

What To Do?

I received a form letter from the local air control district this week. Apparently, the funeral home next to my daughter's school wants permission to build and maintain a crematory incinerator on their site. According to state law "if a new or modified source, which emits hazardous emissions, is located within 1,000 feet of a k-12 site" there needs to be public notice. The letter then goes on later to say that the Air Pollution Control District has determined that as proposed, the installation will comply with all district regulations. Also, "The district's analysis of the proposal has determined that the emissions from operation of this equipment will not pose a significant health risk to the children or the surrounding public."

My questions:

1) If there is no problem...why am I being informed? Being informed leads me to believe that there is a potential problem. The law says that I have to be notified because "hazardous emissions" will be emitted. This does not sound good. Am I reading this wrong?

2) Apparently it has been determined that this will not pose a "significant" problem. Significant in this case, to me, means that there still is room for error. Does this mean that only a few kids, (and teachers and neighbors), have the potential for getting sick? Will one of these few be my daughter? Will it be her teacher or a classmate?

What to do?

On Monday I will be calling both the school district as well as the Air Pollution Control District. Do I think the incinerator will still be installed? Yes. Do I feel helpless? Yes.

Even so...I think I will try and make time to go to my daughter's school and catch as many parents as I can to ask them to make the same calls too.

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