Sunday, September 04, 2005

Great Moment

School has been is session now for 20 days. On the very first day, one of my students let me know that he can't read or write. Since then, he has reminded me on several occasions that "I can't read or write Ms. V." whenever a task appears as if it may be too difficult for him. I of course feed him my usual line of "of course you can read and write some things already" and then "you are going to learn so much this year" etc...

He didn't believe me and to be honest, I was not so sure how much of it I believed.

Well, this week we had a break through. He did read a bit and write a bit on his own. I pointed this breakthrough out to him and he replied with "Ms. V., I am kind of smart, huh?"

I live for those kind of days at work.

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