Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to School

Today Sabi and I went back to school. Yesterday, we didn't want to even think about going back to school. Today was another story.

I woke up happy thinking about my students. I was eager to see their bright little faces. The day was fabulous. I had to be a little bit on the strict side with two students to remind them of our rules but it was really a super day. My student teacher took over more planning and she was fabulous too. She is a natural born teacher.

Sabina: We arrived at my school and as soon as we pulled up Sabina got very wide eyed and excited and asked if she could go straight to her bus stop and not wait for a while in my room. I asked why and she said "I just can't wait to hear my friends' voices! I want to hear them as soon as possible!" How cute! When she returned from school she was so excited telling me all about her friends and how they caught up.

Today was a good day!

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Suvii said...

Glad the return to school was a good experience for both of you! I would really have a hrad time if i was a teacher, returning to work after breaks! Glad you returned content!