Friday, July 20, 2007


So tonight is the big Harry Potter night. This morning Sabi was looking all over the house for her Gryfindor tie. We looked everywhere trying to find that darn tie for her Hermione Granger outfit. I remembered that we put it away somewhere safe but couldn't recall where that somewhere safe was. Then it hit me...the Halloween closet. We ran to the closet and there it was!!!

After we got the outfit settled we went out on the town to find a wand. We found a great wand at Barnes and Noble. Sabi was flicking it all over town afterwards.

For lunch we went to La Morenita. Sabi went outside of her food zone (chicken nuggets) and LOVED her burrito de queso y frijoles. Wow! I had a good caldo de res con arroz. Yum!

After that we returned home and tried to get in some sleep since we will be up LATE tonight at the HP party.

Tomorrow (or whenever I finish the book) I will post pics of the party.

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