Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Excite a Teacher...

A SALE on school supplies!!!

WE teachers spend a HUGE amount of money on school supplies each year. Back to School time can be the worst time of the year. Most primary teachers purchase pencil boxes and all of the goodies to fill the pencil boxes in addition to other BTS items such as books, borders, etc.

Target has been wonderful with their BTS $1 Spot sales. I went by Target on this weekend and picked up some pocket charts, bathroom passes and a few other items all for $10. I was pretty proud of that.

Today, I beat that deal. Staples had an AMAZING sale, the 1 cent sale. Seriously, the items cost 1 cent! I bought 25 pencil boxes, 60 2 pocket folders, 3 cases of pencils and 6 pencil sharpeners. I almost passed out when the cashier told me, "that will be 99 cents!" My jaw dropped on the ground, I think because she then said "I know, I am robbing you blind!" 99 cents...WOW! I was almost too embarrassed to ask for change from a $5 bill! The cashier was so friendly and pleasant and reminded me to come back for Teacher Appreciation Day where teachers will get presents as they walk through the door!

As soon as I got in my car, I called every teacher friend I know. After all, when you spot a deal, you have to share.


La Brown Girl said...

Gracias. I will have to go check it out tomorrow. I hope we have the same sale down here!

Coco said...

Oh, wow!!
I have to go shopping, like NOW!!
Thanks for letting us know : )

Here's my e-mail...
*feel free to e-mail me!!


Nimitz' Lady said...

Crap! I missed the big sale!

MsAbcMom said...

So sorry that I posted this date so late...I found out a bit late myself. What a deal though, right? Those Staples people really know how to warm up to a teacher...through their pocketbooks!