Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What she wants for Hanukkah

Sabi is dying for an American Girl doll for Hanukkah. She wants a Just Like You Doll. The doll on this post is the doll that looks the most like her. It really isn't just like her though. There are many different doll choices but they really aren't all that different. It is essentially the same doll in different skin tones. The hair on all of the dolls is straight except for the doll pictured here.
How much does this "not really Just Like You doll" cost? $87!!! That is WAY more than I planned on spending. After you purchase the doll, you still have to buy all kinds of clothes and accessories. What a money pit! Poor Sabi keeps dropping hints to me about how much she would like this doll. I keep dropping hints about how much this doll doesn't look like her. (I also mention that she is much prettier than the doll!)
Will I get this doll for her. No. I just can't see spending that much money on the doll. What I will probably get her though are some of the Historical fiction related pieces for Josefina, one of my favorite American Girls.
Presents can be fun as well as interesting and educational, right???

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cindy said...

I heard those dolls were expensive, but I had no clue. Wow. And yes, Sabi is much prettier than that doll.