Monday, November 27, 2006

First Day Back and a Dumb T-shirt

My first day back was pretty good. Our track on days are always minimum days. Even though I planned for a shorter day, everything just flew by today. My student teacher had to stop me from teaching today because had she not stopped me I would have taught all the way through lunch! The kids were amazing today too. They were amazingly quiet and well behaved today. Even more impressive was their recall of two digit addition with regrouping. We only did about 4 days of this concept before we tracked off. Today, all but one student remembered it and remembered it well - wow!!! The other student sat back with me and figured it out before the day was through. I am looking forward to going back tomorrow and teaching a full day - yay!

Even though we are a uniform school, we still have a good handful of kids who don't wear uniforms. Instead of the beautiful uniform they opt for either Raider or BRATZ gear or stupid slogan t-shirts. Today, I saw a t-shirt that said "Be glad I'm not your kid!" Why in the HECK would someone by this for their kids much less allow them to wear it? Come on!


oso said...

LOL ... I thought it was pretty funny. Then again, I've been called a contrarian.

MsAbcMom said...

I forgot to mention that the kids who wear these t-shirts are the most challenging kids both behaviorally and emotionally. They are kids who either have issues with self-esteem or who don't need any more encouragement with the idea that they are indeed challenging kids.