Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pure Madness!!!!!!!!

Today we ran over to Best Buy to look at dishwashers. (ours conked out on us and we need a new one...but that is another story!) As we were walking into the store we noticed about 20 people or so hanging out on the side of the front entrance to the store. The people had fold up chairs, sleeping bags and backpacks. My first thought was that the entrance to Best Buy is a really weird place to wait for the bus to pick you up to go on a camping trip. My next thought was that this group of 18-20-something year olds looked too old to be going on a group camping trip.

Then it clicked! These people were camping out in front of the store waiting for the release of something. As we walked through the doors, I asked the clerk at the entrance what the item is that is coming out tomorrow that these fools were waiting for. She rolled her eyes and said that it is the new Playstation 3 and that it is not coming out tomorrow, it is coming out on Friday!!!!!!! She also added that they have been there for 2 days already.

Playstation 3

Here is Amazon's info on the product:
It's the news you've all been waiting for!
Sony's long-awaited new console, the PlayStation 3, is now confirmed to ship November 17 of this year in two flavors. The core model will retail for $499 and contain a 20GB upgradeable hard drive, Blu-ray drive, HDMI port for high definition visuals, and Bluetooth wireless controllers. The premium model will retail for $599 and in addition to the features of the core model contains flash card readers, WiFi wireless networking, and silver exterior trim.
Aside from Hearts, Free Cell and Pinball, which came with our computers, we don't play video games. Even if I did though, I would never sit outside for 5 days to be rewarded the luxury of paying a minimum of $500 to waste my day away. Can you imagine the amount of books I could buy for $500?

Heck! I could buy that dishwasher that we need for that much money!


Julissa said...

You aren't lying!! Estan jodidos

oso said...

Yeah, Mari and I were talking about this just the other morning. We read some article in the newspaper about how teenagers in Japan had been camping out around the block waiting to get their hands on it. Apparently all of the consoles had been sold before they were even released and auction sites were charging as much as $1,500. I really just don't get it. Sure, a game of tetris with the guys during halftime is fine ... but investing so much money and time in video games has never made sense to me.

MsAbcMom said...

One more thing I forgot to mention... I was tempted to whip my camera out and snap pictures of these funny people. It may not be nice to poke fun at them but what can they do? They most certainly won't get out of line to do it!!!

La Brown Girl said...

It's really sad, but Dan the Man was going to be one of these people. He'd been saving up for this thing for months and then I went and got my car into flood water. I, too, this it's pretty nuts; and in a way, I'm glad he'll have to wait.