Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What Famous Work of Art are You?

I just found this on The CincySundevil's Site. The results of my test are too funny because I LOVE Piet Mondrian's work. Just check out my FLICKR pics here and a post I did about doing Mondrian type art with my students here.


You Are Best Described By...

Composition with Red, Blue, Yellow
By Piet Mondrian


miricaro said...

Hey Kelly, I'm troubled, check it out! I'd say it's right on, wouldn't you?

MsAbcMom said...

OMG! Did you go and bleach your hair??? J/K! Some of them are kind of silly, aren't they. Why are you troubled? Call me!

Ruben said...

I tried this out and it said that I can be best described by the piece "Eye
By M.C. Escher". That is just great that I can be described by a sad, blood shot eye. lol