Monday, July 24, 2006

Random Stuff

1) Our A/C is up and running again. Apparently the drain pipe on the bottom floor was plugged up therefore causing the drainage to come out of the drain pipe upstairs. For $180 we were able to have someone come out to look at it and poke his finger in the drain to clean it out and we were back in the A/C business.

2) It is HOT! It is has been between 110 and 112 since Saturday. It is MISERABLY hot here. Help!

3) I learned today that I should never again go to the gym at 5:00 when it is hot outside. I did a hard cardio workout today and then attempted to walk to my car. The heat from my body mixed with the heat outside almost knocked me over on the sidewalk. Thank goodness I was parked close to the door. It took me about an hour to recover from that. I am going to make a good effort to go to the gym at 5:00 tomorrow morning. It will probably be about 90 degrees outside but that is still cooler than it is right now!

4) I love the $1 spot at Target. Teacher supplies are available there right now. If you are a teacher - go and pick some up. If you know a teacher - be a good friend and go and pick some up for them!

5) Plus Size Girls Clothes:
Did you know that there is a PLUS SIZE section at Sears in the girls department? I was shocked to find this out. Whenever I am in or nearby a place that sells girls clothing I always check it out in search of decent looking clothing for Sabi. Decent clothes are hard to find so I am always buying something her and something there to make up her wardrobe. Anyway, as I was searching through Sears I found that they have allocated a portion of their girls section to PLUS size clothes for girls. I am a bit disturbed by this. It makes me sad that young girls have to start their isolation from the rest of their peers at such an early age. They have to go and shop in the corner. They get a tiny area allocated to them. The clothes offered there don't come in all of the varieties and options that the rest of the clothes come in. Self esteem is such an important thing and I fear that this won't help to encourage self worth. How sad.

That's all. I am off to take a cool shower and then go to sleep and dream about snow! That will cool me off for sure!


Xolo said...

The segregation of children whatever the criteria is very sad. At the same time, the appearance of plus sizes for children also reflects a troubling trend of increasing child obesity. Not only are these children going to have to face social stigma, they are headed down a road of many health problems.

I hope things cool down your way.

MsAbcMom said...

I agree that child obesity is a problem. Just this year I had to refer a student to the nurse because she has problems breathing normally due to all of her extra weight. This was a 7 year old! Her mom took her to the Dr. and because the Dr. said that she didn't currently suffer from childhood diabetes the mom figured that it meant she was ok. Nothing was changed at home. The girl continues to be rewarded with food for every good thing that she does. Parents really need to be educated about how obsity will affect their children. It is a sad trend.