Friday, January 02, 2009

School Girls

Today I went to school to get some work done in my classroom. I was accompanied by Sabi and her friend M. The girls had a blast hanging out with each other. They spent the day entertaining themselves playing games online, teaching each other art that they learned in school, playing board games and doing test prep. (yes, test prep...they are crazy like that!) They also helped me here and there with little projects around the room. As I was working I got to hear little tidbits of their conversations. Most of it centered around school. They talked a lot about college and even went so far as to create their own colleges on the computer designing a flag and mascot! From college talk they moved to junior high and high school thoughts. They were talking about which jr. high and hs they will attend. Sabi told M that she needs to go to Modesto High beacause her grandma works there and also because there is an IB program there. M asked what IB was. I tried to explain it to her very simplistically and said "well, it is a program that is competitive and accelerated in academics.." M, who is a high achiever, cut me off and with huge eyes and a big smile said "that is the one for me. You had me at competitive!" I am still cracking up over that!


Team Serrins Springfield said...

That's so great. I love that they played so well and about school. I used to do that as a child with my siblings. We would sit in a "classroom" and take turns teaching.

Did I mention Happy New Year?

MsAbcMom said...

My grandparents were both teachers so we had all kinds of great school props to use when we played. I was always the teacher and my poor brothers were my students.

Happy New Year to you too!