Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Sabi and I are beginning our five day weekend today. Yay! We will be heading down to Southern California tomorrow with my mom and brother to spend some time with my aunt and uncle. While there we will also go watch The Color Purple. I just opened up a weather update from my aunt and we are looking at weather in the mid to high 70's while in LA. WOW! That will be just FABULOUS! I can't wait!!!

How are you spending your President's Day weekend?


Mrs. T said...

Well, we are going to stay right here and hope that it doesn't snow any more. We're just hoping it gets above freezing, which will feel quite balmy to us.

cindylu said...

It was in the 70s earlier in the week, but it's been getting cooler and windy. The sun is still out.

Give Sabi my congrats!