Thursday, February 07, 2008

Election Notes

Jilari Clinton #1
Once again, my polling place was not all that it could be. I was at the polling place within the first 10 minutes of it opening and the people running the place really didn't know what to do. Most annoying though was that the ballot machine didn't work. I have yet to vote in an election where the machine actually works while I am present. 3 hours later I visited the polling place at my school with my students and their machine was not working either. What is going on?

In addition to taking my students to the polling place I gave them a brief overview of the election process. I asked them if they knew that we were voting on a potential president? Only 1 or 2 knew that. I then asked if they had heard any of the candidates names. When I mentioned Paul, McCain, Romney and Huckabee they looked at me with glazed over faces. When I mentioned Obama and Clinton they became animated and did indeed recognize the names. I told them that I wanted them to watch the news that night and come back on Wednesday with some type of election night news to share with the class. Guess what? One brought a piece of paper with some election results the very next day. The paper listed Clinton and Obama's names and mentioned some states that they had each won. I was so happy that one of my kidlets actually took the time to do it. Today, one more slip of paper showed up on my desk. It said Jilari Clinton #1. The girl who turned it in didn't say too much about it but she was proud to turn it in to me!


jennifer said...

i must be channeling your teaching. i was just seconds ago reading a blog about clinton/obama and wondering if i should try to incorporate it into my lecture today!

"jilari"! i love it.

Not Quite Grown Up... said...

It was the same way at my school - the kids thought there were two people running for president, Clinton and Obama. They didn't even know about the republican candidates.